Travelling is one of the greatest methods of learning new things and meeting people; it is also associated to being expensive but highly gratifying to those who dare embark on the journey.

“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.” – Augustine of Hippo

I am not writing this to make you save up, or take this life-changing leap by travelling. On the contrary, it is amongst some of the things in this world you can’t truly benchmark or evaluate its effects in your life. Unlike work, sports and material belongings, travelling does not give you something you can take home and show it off to your friends and family; its lessons will never be tangable So in a nutshell don’t set out to travel, just so that you can tell your friends about it, they will never truly understand till they travel themselves.

Now that I have covered the relatively unimportant facts of travelling and lost the interest of a great number of readers, allow the silence of this foreigner to indulge you is his comfortable but valuable lesson of silence on the road.

As you read this article from your laptop, tablet, mobile phone and unlikely your computer, look to your left and look to your right, a great number of people are allegedly indirectly enjoying the moments of silence in a digital way. What most people consider as “Me Time”, is time they spend checking social media sites, booking tickets online or reading the news online. This is the way the current world works, and I am ok with it. The silence I’m talking about is a complete silence, one that allows you reflect on whatever you need to on.

When travelling, social media can be the most convenient mode of communication and a wonderful way to meet new people… unless you are in China. If you were not aware of the censorship the Chinese government has on websites, such as Facebook, and even news from the likes of BBC and CNN now you do. With limited social media access (which can be breached or even help you translate a conversation if you have little to no understanding of the languages on this side) silence becomes ones best friend. Your thoughts will either help you or ruin your journey.

Your thoughts are the very reason you’re travelling, and depending on where and how long you have been on the road for, the experience will be different for everyone. For something you can’t show off to others and costs as much as it does (depending), sometimes one might ask oneself why one ever left home. It is at this point that you know that you are out of your comfort zone and heading to the learning/creative zone. If you need better understanding of this comfort zones everyone keeps talking about just G.T.S (Google That Shit) and don’t stop until you find things that confuse you.

“Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have travelled.” – The Prophet Mohammed

Whether it’s just to the next city, across a fenced boarder line, or over the ocean, I find and question my trips, I’m reminded that the lessons I have learnt and will be learning are non-tangible, however priceless to me and that has nothing to do with anyone else. I am gratified knowing the me of yesterday envies the me of today. Always have your bags packed, because your next journey might not even be a planned one.

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